Firefox 64-bit help and info

  • What is Firefox 64?

    Firefox 64 is the 64-bit version of the web browser Mozilla Firefox, designed for use with 64-bit operating systems. The 32-bit version of the browser can also be used on these systems; however, in practice the 64-bit release will be somewhat faster.

  • How does Firefox compare with other browsers?

    Each browser on the market has its own pros and cons and, consequently, its own share of admirers. In the case of Firefox, many prefer it to rival browsers because of its security features and straightforward interface.

  • What is Firefox's Private Browsing function?

    As a rule, Firefox saves a certain amount of information about the user's browsing. With Private Browsing enabled, however, the user will be able to surf the net without Firefox saving their history. The function also makes use of Tracking Protection to help ensure that companies do not store the user's browsing data.

  • Are there any add-ons available for Firefox 64?

    Yes. A wide range of third-party add-ons and extensions are available for Firefox, performing numerous different functions. If you as a user are struggling with a certain aspect of Firefox, it will be worth looking to see if any applicable extensions are available.

  • What is Firefox's Safe Mode?

    Safe Mode will disable all add-ons and revert certain settings to help with troubleshooting. To enable Safe Mode, open Help from Firefox's menu, select Restart with Add-ons Disabled, then select Continue in Safe Mode. Earlier versions of Firefox had a Safe Mode icon, but this has been removed.

  • Is Firefox 64 free to use?

    Yes. both the 32-bit and 64-bit releases of Firefox are completely free to download and sue. The browser is also open-source, allowing enterprising users to contribute to the Firefox code base.

  • How do you enable Java in Firefox?

    For security reasons, Firefox does not ordinarily support Java, but it is easy to allow exceptions when desired. When you first visit a website that uses Java, a prompt should appear asking if you want to activate Java on Firefox. Once you confirm your approval, Java should become enabled in Firefox.

  • What's new in the latest version of Firefox 64?

    The most recent major release of Firefox includes performance improvements, security adjustments, an improved Firefox Screenshots function, support for credit card autofill and other general alterations. Subsequent updates include general stability enhancements.

  • What is the Firefox profile folder?

    The Firefox profile folder is where the browser stores personal information such as bookmarks, passwords, cookies, autocomplete data, stored sessions, browser customisations and similar data. It is possible to add and remove profiles using Firefox's Profile Manager. Profiles can sometimes come in useful as a means of recovering important information that may otherwise be lost.

  • How do you customise Firefox 64 toolbars?

    To customise Firefox's toolbar, click the menu button and choose "Customize". This will open a special tab; here, you can drag and drop items in and out of the menu, allowing you to assemble a toolbar which contains the options that you find most useful.

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